5 Awesome New Technology Gadgets You Can Buy Now

It is no secret that society has become heavily dependent upon technology, but can you really blame it? The past few decades have seen faster technological advancements than ever before in history.

In fact, most 30 to 40 years old have lived and seen all of these advancements firsthand, being the first generation to experience both dial-up internet and the birth of Wifi, the first to use both landline phones that were limited by cords and smartphones, and the first ones to visit libraries for books as children and then hold entire libraries in the palm of one hand as adults.

This is not a trend that is slowing down, either. Technology continues to improve every single day. Because of this, there is never a shortage of new fun tech gadgets to spoil yourself with. Here is a list of five awesome technology gadgets you can buy right now!

Give me the Gadgets

You’ve waited long enough – here is the list of amazing gadgets you don’t want to miss!

TILE MATE ITEM FINDER  – $22 for 1 tile, multi-packs available

The little gadget is the “key” to never losing your keys again! You can attach the small tile to anything that you lose often or don’t want to chance losing, and then you just use the Tile companion app on your smartphone to locate it no matter where it is! The Tile Mate Item Finder also has modes like vibrating and ringing to find your items without even having to use the companion app. How’s THAT for innovation?

TAOTRONICS BLUETOOTH IN-EAR HEADPHONES –  $46 for one pair, comes with charging case

Wireless and small, but very mighty, these headphones offer an amazing alternative to other wireless headphones like Airpods that cost $159 a pair. Taotronics Bluetooth in-ear headphones can last over 3 hours on just one change, and they come with their own charging case for easy and fast charging anywhere. The charging case can power over 40 recharges of the headphones before needs to be charged itself. That’s real power!

AMIR CLIP-ON SMARTPHONE CAMERA LENSES – $13 for a set of 3 different lens types

For a price tag of under $15, you cannot get a better deal for legitimate photography options! This set of lenses includes 3 different lenses – a fisheye lens, a super wide-angle lens, and a macro zoom lens (for when you need a proper close-up shot). Amir Clip-on Smartphone Camera Lenses are perfect if you want to add more variety to your smartphone’s camera or if you fancy yourself an up-and-coming photographer but cannot currently afford much equipment. The clip-on lenses are made from aluminum and glass that are both water and dust resistant, so you can expect your lenses to last for a long time! (If you think you’re going to lose them – connect them to a Tile Mate Item Finder!)

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You may find yourself often using your smartphone or tablet for work-related tasks, and you may be yearning for something that is more comfortable to type with than a flat screen when you aren’t limited to 140 characters. Enter Jelly Comb Folding Bluetooth Keyboard. This folding keyboard can fit into bigger pockets (think – cargo shorts) and many purses and bags. The keyboard, which can fold down to about the size of a current large smartphone, gives the user a Bluetooth-compatible QWERTY keyboard that even includes a touchpad – for only $30. 


If you’ve been wanting to splurge on a tech-y fitness tracker, but you just don’t care for the ones you’ve seen – well, this is one fitness tracker you probably haven’t looked at! The Bellabeat Leaf health tracker is a fitness companion that can track steps, calories, sleep quality, stress levels, and even menstrual cycles! It has a beautiful and functional design that not only allows it to connect with both Android and IOS devices but also allows it to be worn as a necklace or bracelet – and it looks like jewelry! This health tracker is geared more toward women, but there are other Bellabeat fitness trackers available as well. With an affordable cost of only $100, it’s a perfect gift idea!

Are You Shopping Yet?

Have you loaded your online shopping cart with these items yet? Did you find even more cool gadgets to treat yourself with while shopping? There is an incredible amount of technology that we have all around us, and gadgets are the best way to enjoy advancing tech while making your life a little bit easier.