7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features that Every Photographer Should Know How to Use

Throughout the years, smartphones have replaced many everyday items, like traditional land-line phones, alarm clocks, calculators, and digital music players.

It’s really no surprise that they have also replaced cameras, and some of the newest smartphone models boast cameras that take better pictures than some actual cameras on the market today.

With all that convenience right in the palm of your hand, it’s a shame not to learn how to use it to its maximum potential. So, to make sure you’re properly using your iPhone camera, here are 7 hidden iPhone camera features that every photographer should know how to use. (Everyone else, too)

7 Must-Know iPhone Camera Features

Have you ever had an iPhone for a really long time and then you find out something totally obscure that completely changes how you use your phone? Stranger things have happened. Smartphones are full of secrets and tricks. Here are 7 things you need to know about your iPhone camera.

  • You can open the camera feature by just swiping left. Yes, you read that right. There is no tap-tap-tap involved or scrolling through all your pages of apps. Simply unlock your phone and swipe left. Your camera is instantly ready to take that amazing photo!
  • Set your camera’s focus with your finger. Another simple finger trick! To take control of your iPhone camera’s focus yourself, just tap on the screen to adjust it. 
  • Adjust your camera’s exposure with (you guessed it) your finger! Tap on your phone screen and move your finger up and down to change the exposure.
  • Set your preferred focus and exposure to stay like you placed it. After tapping your screen, hold your finger down a few moments until AE/AF LOCK pops up. Once those words appear, your settings are locked.
  • Use Burst Mode to make sure you get the perfect shot. There aren’t many feelings worse than the feeling of JUST missing the perfect photo. This is where Burst Mode comes in. Typically, it will take photos until you stop it. Then, you can look through the photos and find the best one.
  • Use the Volume buttons to take a picture. Seriously. Either Volume button will snap a picture when the camera is open on your iPhone. Who knew?
  • Take a secret picture with your earbuds. This little trick can make you a regular James Bond. All you do is open your camera and, when you have your shot ready, press either volume button located on your earbuds

Watch the 7 camera tips for iPhone here: 

Get to Snapping!

Now that you know these camera tricks, you can easily learn how to always have your camera ready for the perfect shot. And, if it isn’t ready, it can be ready to capture a memory in seconds. While you’re mastering these tricks, keep your eyes open – you never know what other helpful tricks you will find.