How to Charge Your Smartphone Faster

Time never seems to pass quite as slowly as when you’re waiting for your phone to charge.

Rather than watching the seconds tick by, take control of the situation and utilize some of these simple steps to make your smartphone charge faster.

A Time Consuming Necessity

Unfortunately, charging your smartphone completely can take up to 3 hours, and most people just don’t have that kind of time to sit still and let their devices charge in the day. 

Rather than sitting around and twiddling your thumbs for hours while your phone regains power, take stock of these simple tips to get your smartphone back up to full charge faster. 

Hands Off, Charge On

Most of the best ways to get your phone charged faster are common sense tips, still most everyone could use a little refresher on these practices. 

Try to charge your phone while you sleep. This will keep you from wanting to check it as it charges, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of the charge. 

Turn your phone off, or put it in airplane mode. Suspending your phone’s cellular activity while it charges will speed the process up considerably.

Invest in a quality charger. All sorts of new tech is available to make charging quick and painless. 

Avoid USB and car charging. A good, old fashioned wall charger is going to be the most efficient option for charging your phone, but the other methods will certainly work in a pinch.

Try to keep it cool. When your phone is hot, it has to exert energy on cooling down. Charging your phone in a cool environment will render this function unnecessary. 

No one has time to wait around while their phone slowly charges, so maximize your charging efforts by using these simple habits.