How to Clear Your Browser History

Every site you visit leaves a little breadcrumb trail in the form of your browser history, and though clearing your history may be viewed as a move to cover up activity, it’s actually just a smart practice for Internet security, and it’s an easy one to take part in. 

Keep It Clean

Clearing browser history isn’t just something done by those who are ashamed of where they’ve been—it’s a simple and quick way to keep your data secure in part of what’s called browser hygiene.

Many browsers hold on to passwords and cookies, allowing sites to have information you might not be comfortable with relinquishing. 

No matter which browser you prefer, clearing your history should only take a matter of seconds, and leave you feeling better protected. 

Cashing Out Your Cache and Cookies

How you clear your browser history will vary slightly depending on what device and what browser you’re using. 

On a computer, you’ll simply want to navigate to your browser’s history settings and click “clear history.” Depending on the browser, you may have to check boxes to ensure that all data is cleared, or select a time frame from which you want the history cleared. 

On a handheld device, the instructions are largely the same. You’ll want to click the icon that leads you to settings, find the privacy section within your settings and once again choose clear history. 

The exact process will look a little different for every browser on every device, but a good rule of thumb is to click the history tab if you’re on a desktop, and click the privacy settings if you’re on a phone. 

Once you’ve taken care of this simple precaution, you can rest a little easier that your data isn’t on display.