How to Make a Hologram with a Smartphone

A hologram is a rather fantastic thing; it can create a ripple of gasps throughout a room with it’s spectacular 3D images.

By definition, a hologram is a three-dimensional image that is formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.

Holograms have been featured in science fiction films for years and they were even featured in Marvel’s Captain Marvel. The mystery surrounding how they are made has been challenged, though! You can now make these super futuristic holograms with your smartphone.

Prepare to Do-It-Yourself

When you see the list of items needed to transform your phone into a hologram generator, you’re probably going to wonder if you’re doing something that will be absolutely amazing or if you’re packing a backpack to head to school. The items needed to make your own hologram generator are graph paper or plain paper, a CD case, a permanent marker, a pen, a pencil, a pair of scissors, clear tape, superglue, a craft knife of glass cutter, and (of course) your smartphone!

See how to make your hologram generator here: 

Making the Hologram Generator

There is a method behind this madness! The process for making a hologram generator is not at all as hard as the movies make it seem. To build your generator, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the CD case is completely empty. Separate the plastic side that does not have any markings on it from the rest of the case.
  • Trace an isosceles trapezium on your paper. This is where you need to focus. First, you should know that a trapezium is a trapezoid that has two non-parallel equal sides. The dimensions you need for your trapezium are: a 3.5 cm height between a 1 cm parallel side and  a 6 cm parallel side. Connect both parallel sides on both ends, forming the two equal non-parallel sides. 
  • Once your trapezium is drawn, cut it from the paper.
  • Place the trapezium shape on the CD case plastic. Trace the shape with the permanent marker onto the plastic.
  • Rotate the shape around and trace 3 more trapeziums on the plastic. Make sure that none of them overlap.
  • Use the craft knife or glass cutter to cut through the marker lines to make 4 plastic trapeziums.
  • Make a plateau prism with the trapezium pieces. Plateau prism is just a fancy name for “pyramid with the top chopped off.” Then, place the longer parallel sides on the bottom and the short parallel sides on the top, then lean the trapeziums into each other. Place tape where the non-parallel sides meet. Then, apply your superglue to the non-parallel edges.
  • Place your smartphone face-up on a flat surface, and find a holographic video on Youtube.
  • Place your hologram generator small-side down on the phone, and play the video.
  • Enjoy your holographic experience!

Smartphone Holograms

Smartphone holograms are an amazing way to show fun and exciting technology to your kids. Seeing something that they’ve only seen in the movies in real life – even if it’s on a smaller scale – will absolutely blow their minds! You’d be the coolest parent on the block with this trick. And let’s admit it – you’d be pretty popular with a smartphone hologram generator as a single adult with only adult friends as well!