How to Reinstall Windows Without Deleting Your Files, Settings, and Software

There are quite a number of reasons that could lead to the need for reinstalling Windows on your computer.

You could have been the victim of malware that corrupted your operating system, or you could just be an unlucky person who was burdened with a glitchy Windows installation.

Whatever your reason for needing to reinstall your operating system, one major thing you typically want to avoid is losing all of the data you have on your computer – especially if you’ve had your computer for a while and have very important data on it. However, there is a way to reinstall Windows and keep all of your data without pulling all of your hair out in the process.

A Backup Plan

Backing up all of your important files and writing down software programs that you have to have is a wise decision. While there is a very easy way to reinstall Windows 10 without losing your data, it is never a bad idea to be prepared in case of an accidental full wipe. Additionally, if you’ve already done this step and you end up having to do a full wipe, that is less you have to prepare. You can easily save practically any file or document on a USB flash drive. You can also choose to use the flash drive you backup your data on to keep an updated backup file of your important documents.

Reinstalling Safely

Windows 10 has had many updates since it was originally released, and the most recent update to the computer recovery options is wonderful and very user-friendly. You will want to adhere to the following process. Open your Settings panel and find Update and Security. On the left side of the new screen, choose Recovery. After, you will select the Get Started option that is located under Reset this PC. The next screen will give you a Keep My Files option. Select it. Be very careful to not accidentally click Remove Everything – this will result in a total wipe of the entire computer.

See how to perform this process here: 

Once you’ve chosen to keep your files, you’ll be shown a list of apps that will be erased during the reinstallation. This is a minor inconvenience; just write down any that you know you definitely want to download as soon as you can. As a last ditch security measure, your computer screen will ask you if you want to continue with the reinstallation. Only click the Reset button when you are absolutely ready to start the process because you cannot stop it once it starts

Personalizing Your Computer…Again

Now that you’ve successfully reinstalled your operating system without losing your data, you can continue with business as usual. Be sure you take some time to set your computer back to how it was before you restored it, and good luck with the new Windows 10 OS!