Dark Mode in Safari

How to Switch to Dark Mode in Safari on A Mac

Do you ever find that after a long day of staring at your computer screen your eyes feel irritated and tired?

That’s likely due to something called blue light which is emitted from computer screens, but manufacturers have been taking steps to prevent that kind of discomfort, and you can even avoid it while browsing the Internet on your Mac.

Dark Mode Saves The Day

Dark mode essentially just refers to a display setting that changes the dominant color on your screen from white to a darker, more subdued hue like black or charcoal. Though it was generally thought up as a way to reduce glare for those using their computers at night, dark mode can also reduce strain when you use your Mac during the day. 

While Apple allows you to change your computer’s overall scheme to dark mode, you can also take it one step further by switching Safari to dark mode as well. 

Easy on The Eyes

You never think about the way that your browsing is impacting your vision until the damage is already done. Even if you haven’t yet noticed strain on your eyes due to the stark display of your browser, why not be proactive and avoid it from ever happening?

To switch Safari to dark mode on your Mac, the first step is to switch your entire computer to run in dark mode. This can be found in your general display settings very easily, just click “dark” under “Appearance.” If you have Safari set as your default browser, the setting will also trickle down there. 

If Safari isn’t set as your default browser, you’ll need to open it, click “develop” near your bookmarks, then select “dark mode” from the Experimental Features section. 

One way or another, this will allow you to browse Safari in dark mode; you might just be surprised by what a difference this display makes for your comfort.