How Alexa Can Increase Productivity While Working from Hom

With freedom comes responsibility; working at home allows for a high degree of flexibility and agency over your own schedule, but it can also be difficult to get motivated or stay on task when you’re in your personal space.

Luckily, digital assistants like Alexa can step in with some much needed encouragement. 

A Growing Trend

More people than ever work from home today. In fact, around 8 million Americans reported working remotely in 2017, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only do employees value the option to work from their own spaces, but it’s also cost effective for businesses to have fewer on-site employees. 

If you’re one of the 5.2% of people in the country that spend their professional lives at home, chances are you’ve found yourself having a hard time with concentration on at least one occasion, but did you know that Amazon’s Alexa can actually help keep you on track?

How Alexa Lends A Hand

Alexa comes equipped with all sorts of built in skills, and also features a number of additional downloads you can seek out if you should so wish. When it comes to making your remote work more productive, you can essentially use Alexa like you might use a personal assistant. 

If you feel you need to take a break, as Alexa to set a timer—this will ensure you don’t end up spending an hour watching TV. Any time you receive a new deadline, have Alexa add it to your calendar; in the mornings, you can have her list your more pressing agenda items for the day. There are all sorts of ways Alexa can enhance your work life, but most of them simply have to do with outsourcing menial tasks to voice command. Get the most out of your home office by utilizing Alexa’s full potential.