Record Your Screen on An iPhone

How to Record Your Screen on An iPhone

Sometimes words can’t suffice and only a visual depiction can get the job done.

Whether you want to show your friends a snapchat you’ve received without alerting the sender to a screenshot or send your mom a tutorial on how to change her display settings, screen recording on your iPhone is an endlessly handy function.

Built Right In

For many devices, screen recording is only possible when you download a third party application. Ever the innovators, Apple decided to build this function directly into their devices, so screen recording doesn’t require you to do anything but update a setting and click a button. 

Still, if you don’t know what to look for, capturing a screen recording can feel difficult. Here’s the few minutes worth of work you’ll have to do to begin screen recording. 

Click, Click, Record

Whether you want to record a software malfunction or something you’ve watched online, screen recording makes it simple. The first step in making it happen on your iPhone is to add screen recording to your control center. You can do this by entering your control center settings, scrolling until you see Screen Recording, and pressing the green + sign. 

Now, screen recording should appear when you swipe into your control center, just like your flashlight or bluetooth icons. To begin recording, just press on the round recording icon. A menu will ask you whether you also want to include audio, then it will start recording. Once you’re finished recording, press the same button and the feed from your screen will stop.

There are virtually endless reasons you might want to record your iPhone screen, and Apple makes it a breeze with their built in function.