How to Prevent Apps from Auto-Updating on A Mac

Staying up to date with your computer’s apps is usually a great idea, but it can become a hassle in certain situations.

Since you probably don’t buy a new computer every year, you may find that newer versions of apps don’t integrate properly with your Mac, or that they take up too much of your already-limited space.

Whatever the reason you have for wanting to stop auto updates, it’ll only take a few minutes to accomplish. 

Waking Up to Updates

If you work on your computer daily, you probably have your fair share of files stored there. You probably also have a whole crop of apps that were once necessary for your projects that you haven’t touched in ages. The problem is, your Mac can’t differentiate between the apps you like and the ones you don’t, so it auto updates all of them. 

To avoid wasting space on unnecessary apps, you can turn off auto updates and manually choose to update the apps that you use regularly.

A Quick Switch

There are a couple of ways to prevent your apps from auto updating. You can either make the switch directly from your system preferences, or you can navigate to the app store and update your settings there. 

To turn off auto updates from system preferences, navigate to your app store settings. There, you can simply uncheck the box that says it will search for automatic updates. To disable this setting in the app store, go to your preferences within the store and uncheck automatic updates. 

Changing your preferences this way will only take a few minutes, and it will free you from losing storage to unnecessary apps.