How to Prevent Apps from Auto Updating on iPhone

Every once in a while, an app updates and completely changes the way that it functions.

There have been some pretty high profile cases of social media apps like snapchat updating, receiving awful reviews, and rolling back to an earlier version. If you’d prefer to let developers work out the bugs of a new update before you install it, disabling auto updates is probably a good idea. 

The Master of Your Domain

There are all sorts of reasons you might have an aversion to apps updating automatically. Some of these reasons are better than others, but the bottom line is that it’s your phone, so you are allowed to decide when you want your software updated. 

Apple was only trying to make your life easier by rolling out automatic updates, but if you’re ready to say, “thanks, but no thanks,” here’s how. 

Unhooking from The Update Train

Disabling automatic updates on your iPhone isn’t difficult, if you know where to look. Rather than hunting around to find the right feature, follow these simple steps. As you may have guessed, the trick to turning off this function lies in your settings. 

Once in your settings, navigate to iTunes & App Stores, where you should see a switch labeled “Updates.” All you have to do is toggle that switch to the off position, and you won’t have to deal with any more auto updates for your apps.  

A little bit of caution is never a bad thing, and if you’re the type of person who likes to sit back and wait to hear the reviews on an update before you install it, disabling auto updates is probably the right move for you.