How to Lessen Your Smartphone Notifications

Lessen Your Smartphone Notifications

Imagine you interviewed for your dream job a few days ago, and you’ve been anxiously awaiting an email updating you about whether or not you’ve been chosen.

Your phone dings and lights up, but instead of an email from your would-be boss, it’s a notification from an app you haven’t used in weeks. Don’t open yourself up to this kind of disappointment—cut down on the number of notifications you receive instead. 

Push Notifications Push Users Away

Only about 18% of smartphone users find push notifications helpful in any way, and just one weekly notification from an app can lead up to 10% of users to disable notifications or uninstall an app. 

Android automatically opts users in to push notifications whereas iPhone does not, bringing the average number of smartphone owners who receive push notifications to around 68%; but what if you’re receiving too many of these notifications? How can you cut back on them?

Simple as The Flip of A Switch

Just because you’re sick of your phone going off with a useless notification every five minutes doesn’t mean you have to cut the cord completely—both iPhone and Android operating systems will allow you to broadly update settings so you can receive notifications silently, or simply as a banner if that’s what you’d prefer. 

Of course, you can also update app preferences individually. Say you want to get a notification when someone tags you in a photo, but not when a friend posts a photo for the first time in a while—that’s all customizable. Alternatively, you can turn off all push notifications and only see app updates when you actually click into that app.  

Luckily, both major operating systems know that too many notifications is very bad indeed, so a quick sweep of your settings is all it should take to declutter your phone’s screen.