Loungewear: Love It or Leave It, This Trend Is Here to Stay

After a long workday, we appreciate changing into more comfortable clothing when we get home.

We call this type of clothing loungewear. That said, loungewear has come a long way from the usual pajama styles of yesteryear. Today, this popular item of clothing can be seen at grocery stores, school events, and even fashion shows. 

An Unexpected History

Loungewear originated from the quintessential pajamas, which has a history of its own. People have been wearing pajamas for centuries. However, the standard two-piece pajamas we know of today started as men’s attire.

Loungewear made its way into a woman’s wardrobe in the late 1920s. It was popularized by the 1934 romantic comedy It Happened One Night. In the movie, the main character wore her male counterpart’s pajamas.

Ever since then, women have been adding signature touches to masculine sleepwear. Pajamas soon featured pockets, which were used to store valuables during WW2. So, pajamas, which were once worn for comfort and warmth have evolved into something unexpected – loungewear.

Early Influences

Did you know that famous celebrities made it fashionable to sport loungewear in public places? Coco Chanel made beach pajamas famous in the early 1920s, while several actresses wore their high-end pajamas in photoshoots. Many 20th-century designers have also created fashionable evening wear pajamas.

Today’s Fashion Statement

Today, fashion legends like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren design and market luxurious loungewear. The rise in popularity of loungewear can also be attributed to Instagram celebrities like Miley Cyrus sporting pajama-like loungewear.

Loungewear has even made its way into the boardroom. Mark Zuckerberg is famous for wearing his hoodie loungewear to work.

What Constitutes Loungewear Today

So what exactly is loungewear, aside from being a type of glorified pajamas? Simply put, loungewear is anything that’s comfy. Here are a few examples of loungewear as we know it today:

  • tracksuits
  • onesies
  • hoodies
  • oversized shirts
  • leggings
  • athletic wear
  • pajamas

The Versatility of Loungewear

The great thing about loungewear is that there aren’t any rules for how you should look. You can wear it anytime and anywhere. Loungewear has become acceptable attire at the grocery store and even at work. They are popular among anyone who works from home. There’s also an added benefit to loungewear: you can sleep in the clothes you wore during the day, saving you time and hassle (not to mention extra laundry).