How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac

If you’re an Apple user through and through, one of the biggest benefits you get to enjoy is the seamless integration of all of their products.

You can send iMessages from your computer as well as your phone, Facetime friends from both devices, and transfer files easily between them. If you want to back up the items on your phone to your Mac but aren’t sure how, all you need to do is choose from a few simple processes. 

Technology Can Fail

You might be wondering what point there is in backing up your iPhone files to your Mac when your phone is the device you carry with you every day. The reality is that you’re much more likely to lose your phone than your computer, and if you haven’t transferred your files, you could lose them, too. 

Plus, you’re likely to have a lot more available storage on your Mac than your iPhone. The bottom line is that storing files somewhere other than just your phone adds another layer of safety, and you can never be too prepared for a crash or loss. 

Transfers Made Simple

There are a few different methods for transferring files from your iPhone to your Mac. These are to utilize iCloud, transfer through iTunes, download a third party transfer app, or AirDrop the files. 

iCloud is a self-explanatory option (and one you’re probably already using as an Apple fan), but if you’re more concerned with transferring files between actual devices and not on the cloud, AirDrop is a great option. This simply requires you to turn on the function on both devices, connect them to the same network, then select which files you want to transfer. 

Apple makes it easy to back up your files to all of your associated devices, and it’s a smart security measure you should take if you don’t want to lose out on your items.