How to Use Trello for Project Management

Remember how much you dreaded group projects in school, because one person inevitably pulled most of the weight, while some of the others did next to nothing?

Unfortunately, much of the professional world runs like one big group project, but if everyone doesn’t pull their own weight, the entire operation falls apart. That’s where project management tools like Trello come in. 

A Visual Aid

There’s a reason that to-do lists have been such a popular tool for individuals and businesses for so long: they work. A good project management tool will function like a sort of collective to-do list for an entire team. 

Using Trello effectively will promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency, but how can you get started with using this tool? 

Working Together, Apart

When used properly, Trello is a great way to manage workflow, and communicate expectations to your team. Your first step after creating your account will be to create your team. There, everyone will have a home base from which they can branch off to individual boards. 

Trello boards can be used for practically anything, from specific projects to daily tasks. Within a board, you’ll be able to assign individual cards. These cards can be as detailed or as minimal as you’d like, and they’ll also allow you to include a due date. 

The team member to whom a card is assigned can move it into a series of different phases, signalling to you when it is being worked on, and when it is finished. 

The ultimate success of a project depends on all of the individuals involved with it, and Trello makes it easy for you to manage those individuals without hovering.