How to Use Your Smartphone to Keep Track of Important Documents

The world is driving toward a paperless future, but there’s still something to be said about the official and immobile nature of physical documents.

The problem with such documents is that they can easily be lost, but you’re much less likely to misplace your smartphone, which makes it an ideal place to store your most important documents. 

Too Many Papers to Keep Track 

Between birth certificates, insurance documents, social security cards, wills, and any number of other important items, keeping track of all of your important documents can become a headache. Of course, you will sometimes need to have the originals (like when you’re getting a driver’s license), but other times copies will suffice (like when you’re getting a passport).

Rather than placing all of your faith in the hope that you won’t misplace that one file where you keep all of your important documents, outsource copies to a secure location stored in your smartphone. 

Safe Out of Sight

You know the future has arrived when you don’t even need a scanner to create “scanned” versions of documents and save them as PDFs using only your phone. That’s exactly the case today, and it’s the first step in storing important documents on your smartphone. 

If you’re comfortable saving apps directly to your device’s system or accompanying cloud, simply seek out a scanning app. Many high quality ones have free versions, and they’re extremely easy to use. 

If you’d rather have an extra line of defense, download an app that will encrypt your files. You can either import your scanned documents, or use this new app to take photos directly. 

Once you’ve done this, your smartphone will be fully equipped with copies of your most important documents, and you can rest easier knowing that your entire life isn’t housed in a single container.